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About Us


Our Approach

Our philosophy is to follow our passion for helping people as well as conducting business according to our moral compass.

Our vision is to build meaningful relationships with  our customer and to bring new medical technologies to the market for patients benefit.

About Us

AVA Medical is a medical device distributor specializing in operating room equipment focused on the surgical and interventional treatment of neurological conditions (Stroke, Neuro Oncology, Hydrocephalus, Head Injury, Cranial Reconstruction, General Neurosurgery, Critical Care), Cardio and Transplant Anaesthesiology, and microsurgery.

AVA medical seeks to supply the highest quality equipment with the utmost professionalism and care for the consumer, and patients.

With extensive knowledge of the Canadian Healthcare system, and medical infrastructure, AVA medical is built on a mission of expanding services across Canada. We’re always committed to emphasizing customer satisfaction and quality of patient care.

Meet the Team

We are dedicated to help health care specialists and their patients.

Anna Nesterova, M.BT

Founder & Product Specialist

Rafael Fortuna, PhD

Product Specialist

Tyler Chudiak, M.BT

Product Specialist

Services and Products

Here are a few of the products we've support, and the services we specialize in.

Neurosurgery & Interventional Radiology

Medical Device Reprocessing




Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we started selling Advanced UV Box for hospitals and public places. For more information please contact us.