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Over the years, AVA Medical grew into a consulting agency performing a variety of services, including sales consulting, investor relations, strategy development and more. Our work is based on a bespoke approach, and we have a strong presence in Canada with plans to expand to the US.

AVA Medical started as a medical device distributor/agency specializing in operating room equipment and implants focused on the surgical and interventional treatment of a variety of neurological conditions, as well as products used in microsurgery, plastic surgery, ENT, and anesthesiology. We represented companies from Canada, US, Europe, and Asia, and worked on projects for both early-stage medical device start-ups and large multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson and Smith & Nephew.

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Our Mission

AVA Medical is dedicated to delivering clients quality consulting and professional services.

With extensive knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system and medical infrastructure, AVA medical is built on a mission of helping medical technology companies to succeed reach their business goals.

Message from the founder Anna Nesterova

As a founder of AVA Medical, I am proud to say that my ability to build trusting and long-lasting connections with people has been a key factor in our success. I have been fortunate to work with many talented professionals who share my passion for helping others.

At AVA Medical we are committed to bringing innovative medical technologies to the market that improve patient outcomes and the healthcare as a whole. Our team’s extensive knowledge in the industry and business, and our commitment to integrity, has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with our customers. We are proud to have helped many companies to bring their cutting-edge technologies and products to thousands of patients, and we continue to strive to bring new and better technologies to the market for the benefit of all.

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